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There is something about the combination of crunchy and salty from chips that just makes snacking better.

But when the snacking urge strikes us here at the Mother Earth Living office, we like to indulge in better-for-you options. Sure it would be easy to take the short trip to the vending machine, which hosts a seemingly unlimited variety of chips, but why choose chips that contain monosodium glutamate (MSG), partially hydrated oils and unhealthy amounts of sodium when there are tasty, healthier options that are better for us—and the planet?

In order to bring you some of the best and tastiest snack chips out there, we’ve embarked on the onerous task of taste-testing each of these varieties here in our office. Check out our favorite picks for organic chips.

Late July Mild Green Mojo

They may be mild, but they’re also bursting with flavor! This unique variety was one of our favorites. Once the bag was open, it didn’t take long to finish them off. I’m excited to try these chips with a guacamole dip in the near future. Late July chips are family-owned and are certified USDA Organic and non-GMO.

Cost: $3.49

Kettle Brand Sea Salt

These should be your go-to chips when you just need the simple salty crunch of a potato chip. Kettle Brand Organic Sea Salt potato chips contain just three ingredients: organic potatoes, organic vegetable oil and sea salt. But those three simple ingredients combine to make one mighty tasty chip.

Cost: $3

Jackson’s Honest Sweet Potato Chips

What makes Jackson’s Honest potato chips unique is that they kettle fry them in organic coconut oil—a much healthier option than many vegetable oils. And in case you are wondering, the coconut does not present itself in the flavor. These chips offer just the right combination of salty and crunchy. Jackson’s Honest chips are certified organic and non-GMO.

Cost: $5

Good Boy Organics BOPS Sour Cream and Onion

Sour cream and onion is a time-honored classic, and I was excited to discover that Good Boy Organics truly mastered the conventional “ruffle” chip in my favorite flavor. Good Boy Organics bakes their chips instead of frying them. They are certified USDA organic, non-GMO verified and gluten-free.

Cost: $3.49

Honorable Mentions

These following chips are not organic, but we have chosen to include them in this list because they are a healthier alternative to conventional potato chips.

Beanfield’s Bean and Rice Chips Pico de Gallo

I was pleasantly surprised by Beanfield’s chips. The Pico de Gallo packed a nice mix of flavors with just the right amount of crunch. The company has a variety of flavors that are also quite tasty, but Pico de Gallo won my heart. Beanfield’s chips are non-GMO and vegan, as well as dariy-, soy-, corn-, and gluten-free.

Cost: $3.49

RW Garcia Barbecue Tortatos

RW Garcia has managed to perfect a chip that’s part tortilla chip and part potato chip. The infusion is fascinating and delightful. In every bite you taste a little tortilla and a little potato. It’s the best of both worlds! And, although these chips are not organic, they are certified gluten- and GMO-free.

Cost: $3.49

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