Best Whole Foods Breakfast: Peach French Toast

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Peach french toast made from whole grain bread packs enough long lasting energy to help you make it through the day.

<em>Serves 4<br />
</em>With this recipe for french toast you can use any home-baked or thick-sliced whole-grain bread. If you use a nonstick pan, you won’t need the oil.</p>
<li>2 eggs</li>
</sup> cup nonfat milk</li>
<li>4 thick slices (1 inch) of stale whole-grain bread</li>
<li>1 tablespoon canola oil, optional</li>
<li>4 small peaches</li>
<li>1 cup nonfat plain or flavored yogurt</li>
<a href=””>Raspberry syrup</a> topping</li>
<li>If you’re not using a nonstick skillet, spread a thin film of canola oil on the bottom of the pan. Heat the skillet over a moderate flame.</li>
<li>Whip the eggs with the milk in a broad-bottomed mixing bowl. Dip individual bread slices in the mixture, turning so both sides soak up the liquid. Sauté the slices in the hot pan, turning when the bottom side is cooked. Remove cooked slices to a warmed plate; cover with another plate to keep warm, or put in a glass casserole in a warm oven (150°F.)</li>
<li>While the bread cooks, peel and slice the peaches. Arrange the cooked French toast in wide, shallow bowls. Add the peach slices, then spoon the yogurt and warm raspberry syrup over each slice.</li>
<strong>Nutritional contents per slice (including yogurt):</strong> Calories 151; Total fat 3.1 g; Saturated fat: 0.9 g; Cholesterol 140 mg; Sodium 170 mg; Total carbohydrate 21 g; Protein 9 g.</p>
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<em>Cornelia Carlson holds a doctorate in biochemistry and is an avid grower and user of herbs. She is the author of</em> The Practically Meatless Gourmet <em>(Berkley, 1996). She writes from her home in Tucson, Arizona</em>.</p>
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