Herbal Summer Cocktails: Minty Frozen Daiquiri

<em>Makes 2 drinks</em>
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This drink is both tart and tangy, yet refreshing and cooling. Use peppermint (<em>Mentha ¥piperita</em>), or if you grow or can find it, Madalene Hill’s red-stemmed doublemint (<em>Mentha ¥gracilis</em> ‘Madalene Hill’).</p>
<li>2 limes</li>
<li>3 tablespoons sugar</li>
<li>5 large peppermint sprigs</li>
<li>1¼ cups water</li>
<li>About 2 cups crushed ice</li>
<li>3 ounces Mount Gay Special Reserve or other light rum</li>
<li>1 tablespoon clear Créme de Menthe</li>
<li>2 small mint sprigs</li>
<li>Squeeze juice of 2 limes into a small pitcher and dissolve sugar into juice. Muddle mint sprigs in pitcher and add water. Adjust to taste with more lime juice or sugar, if necessary.</li>
<li>Put ice into blender, add rum and Créme de Menthe, and strain in lime mixture, squeezing excess liquid from mint leaves. Blend until smooth and pour into two well-chilled party glasses. Garnish with mint sprigs and serve immediately.</li>
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<em>Susan Belsinger is a frequent contributor who loves to sip herbal cocktails in her Maryland home.</em>
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