Herbal Summer Cocktails: Jamaican Rum Punch with Bitters

<em>Makes 6 to 8 drinks</em>
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When I visited Jamaica many years ago, I stayed at a memorable place called Scotch on the Rocks. The cook’s husband, Rupert, took care of the garden and made a batch of this rum punch every day. He told me that using the bitters would prevent a hangover. So far it has worked.</p>
<p>Using Wray & Nephew 126 Overproof Rum gives this drink an inimitable special flavor. You can substitute any other overproof rum or a good-quality dark rum. If you are new to bitters, perhaps you should use about half the amount called for. Leave out the rum for a nonalcoholic version. This keeps well in the fridge for a few days — so make a whole pitcher while you are at it.</p>
<li>2½ cups fresh-squeezed orange juice</li>
<li>2½ cups fresh limeade</li>
<li>1¼ cups 126 overproof rum</li>
<li>¼ cup grenadine</li>
<li>Handful lemon verbena leaves</li>
<li>20 to 24 shakes Angostura bitters</li>
<li>6 to 8 halved lime slices</li>
<li>Ice cubes</li>
<li>Soda water, optional</li>
<li>In a large pitcher, combine orange juice, limeade, rum and grenadine and stir well. Add lemon verbena, bruising leaves against the side of the pitcher with a wooden spoon. Shake in bitters, to taste. Refrigerate punch until ready to serve.</li>
<li>To serve, fill glasses with ice, pour in rum punch and garnish with a slice of lime. Add a splash of soda water to each glass, if desired, and stir. Serve immediately and think of the sun setting over the Caribbean. </li>
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<em>Susan Belsinger is a frequent contributor who loves to sip herbal cocktails in her Maryland home.</em>
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