Herbal Summer Cocktails: Frozen Strawberry Margarita

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Illustration by Avram Dumitrescu
This Frozen Strawberry Margarita is a perfect summer cocktail with an aroma of citrus herbs.

<em>Makes 2 drinks</em>
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This is a gorgeous, bright-red slush highlighted with the aroma of citrus herbs. I buy fresh, local berries when they are in season — wash, core and slice them — and freeze one-cup quantities in zip-close freezer bags so that I am always prepared. You could try this with frozen melon chunks, too.</p>
<li>8 to 12 lime- or lemon-scented geranium leaves</li>
<li>1 cup limeade</li>
<li>1 cup frozen sliced strawberries</li>
<li>½ cup good-quality tequila</li>
<li>¼ cup triple sec</li>
<li>2 cups crushed ice</li>
<li>Muddle scented geranium leaves in a pitcher and add limeade. Set aside. Put frozen strawberries, tequila and triple sec into a blender.</li>
<li>Strain limeade into blender and blend for 10 seconds. Add ice and blend until frozen and smooth. Pour into frosted margarita glasses and serve immediately with a straw, garnished with a scented geranium leaf, if desired.</li>
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<em>Susan Belsinger is a frequent contributor who loves to sip herbal cocktails in her Maryland home.</em>
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