The Benefits of Ginger: Chunky Ginger Syrup

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<em>Makes 1 cup</em>
<p>It’s no wonder fresh ginger tastes pungent. It contains a family of molecules called gingerols that are structurally related to capsaicin, the compound responsible for the hot bite of chiles.</p>
<p>To use this syrup, mix it with an equal amount of boiling water and pour over pancakes or vanilla ice cream.</p>
<p>• 1/4 pound firm, fresh ginger rhizome<br />
• 1 cup sugar<br />
• 2/3 cup water</p>
<p>1. Peel the ginger, slice thinly, then mince it fine in a food processor or with a sharp knife.</p>
<p>2. Put the ginger in a small saucepan with the sugar and water. Bring to a boil over a high flame, then reduce to a simmer.</p>
<p>3. Cook until the liquid is syrupy and a very pale gold color. Pour into a clean, 8-oz. glass jar.</p>
<p>4. Cap and store in the refrigerator.</p>
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<em>Cornelia Carlson holds a Ph.D. in biochemistry and is an avid grower and user of herbs. She writes frequently for Herbs for Health and is the author of</em> The Practically Meatless Gourmet<em>, (Berkley, 1996). She writes from her home in Tucson, Arizona.</em>
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<strong>The Benefits of Ginger</strong>

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