Make Your Own Compost Bin

| 10/15/2009 11:51:49 AM

My kitchen lacks a garbage disposal. My roommates and I have been amiss about what to do with our kitchen scraps. Throw them in the trash? Stinky kitchen. Let them slip down the drain? Clogged sink. Throw them out the back door into the backyard? No way.

What we need is a composter—but what we need to decide is if we’re going to build our own compost bin or buy a premade one.

Compost Bin
A composter is an superb way to get rid of your kitchen scraps. Photo By amber in norfolk/Courtesy Flickr.

Ideally, we would make a bin because it would push us to actually use it, and it will be more visually appealing than a compost pile, which might be somewhat of an eyesore for our neighbors.

If we made a compost bin we could use most any material in our shed to trap in heat and moisture. Recycling old wood would be a great choice, along with some chicken wire for the sides. Though most hardware or superstores offer premade compost bins, there’s something about using old materials to make one that just feels right.

Use the wood to build the frame, and wrap the chicken wire around the outside to keep in all your compost.