7 Tips for Involving Your Kids in the Garden

| 5/19/2016 2:24:00 PM

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Growing your own food can be a big step in learning to eat well early in life. Instilling healthy eating habits in kids can be tricky, but if you can teach them to love gardening, your chances of getting your picky eater to eat their veggies will increase. With a few tips, you can get your child to enjoy themselves in the garden. Check out the list below for some ideas on giving your little one a green thumb.

Let Them Choose

Letting your kids pick what to plant can help keep them interested. They get to choose something and watch how it changes as they take care of it. The cause and effect part of gardening can be very rewarding for children. Get garden tools that are suited to their small hands and let them participate in the whole process of creating and maintaining a garden.

Give Them Their Own Area

Dedicating a small section of the garden to your child can make gardening feel like a special activity for them. Having their own area to work in helps them feel important and included. Giving them their own garden space also grants a little room for creativity, because they can set up their garden just how they like it.

Let Them Decorate

Plain flower pots look better with a coat of paint, and your child will enjoy making something colorful. Allow your child as much creative freedom as possible to decorate the garden as they wish. Let them paint pots or draw signs to identify plants. Anything they can do to personalize the garden will keep them content.

Let Them Get Dirty

Kids love to get their hands dirty. Letting them go wild in the garden may be the secret to keeping your little helper entertained. Let them dig their own holes and plant their own seeds. Getting their hands in the dirt is something almost no kid can resist. Let your child water the garden sometimes, as well. Who doesn’t love playing with the garden hose?

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Involving kids in the garden will help them a lot. They will get there the fresh air and this brings zeal in everyone's mood to do something innovative. Kids will lead a healthier life throughout their childhood. You have given some valid points. I am a father of a five year old girl and she is too keen in gardening. Whenever I come to the garden, she follows me. After all, she is getting smarter day by day. http://www.babysteals.com.au/blog/why-bi-lingual-babys-brains-stay-flexible-longer

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