Winter Holiday Brunch Recipes

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These Winter Holiday Brunch recipes will make your meal a special holiday celebration.

Enjoy these delicious winter holiday brunch recipes at your next celebration.

Winter Holiday Brunch Recipes

Holiday Brunch: Butter Cookie Recipe
Holiday Brunch: Egg and Cheddar Cheese Puff

Holiday Brunch: Potato Pancakes with Stewed
Apples Recipe

Holiday Brunch: Pumpkin Scones with Cranberries

Holiday Brunch: Seasonal Fruit Salad Recipe
Holiday Brunch: Tangerine Mimosas Recipe

This festive seasonal brunch is as colorful as it is flavorful. Winter greens, savory peppers and onions are combined in a
protein-rich cheese and egg casserole. Bright pumpkin scones laced with tart red cranberries provide sweetness with minimal
sugar. Potato latkes are a nod to traditional holiday fare. The menu, most of which can be prepared in advance, is designed
for celebration and good cheer.

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