Kitchen Table: Favorite Reader Herb-Based Recipes

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Try these reader favorite herb-based recipes for your next meal.

Kitchen Table shares Mother Earth Living reader favorite herb-based recipes.

Discover ways to use your fresh herbs in these delicious dishes. Reader favorite recipes include an end of the season herb pasta dish, a pineapple sage and marjoram chicken salad, a thyme, olive oil and garlic dressing for your salad, a fresh fruit papaya salsa with herbs and to finish your meal a decadent mint flavored mocha mousse with no sugar and a chocolaty flavor derived from caffeine-free chicory coffee.

Fresh Herb-Based Recipes

End of the Season Herb Pasta Recipe
Minty Mocha Mousse Recipe
Papaya Salsa and Herbs Recipe
Pineapple Sage and Marjoram Chicken Salad Recipe
Waltys Olive Oil Garlic Dressing Recipe

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