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Some plants have been part of the human experience for so long that we take them completely for granted. Like the pathway in our garden or the sky overhead, mint often is overlooked, despite its role as a basic building block of an herb garden. Ordinary, common and well-used, mint rarely occurs to us as exotic. But mint is a true botanical wonder and a breeze to care for. Its pleasing aroma makes it a welcome addition to the garden and—best of all—mint is extremely useful: it makes a delicious addition to meals, a healthful tea, a fragrant potpourri, an insect-deterring spray and much more!

All About Mint: Uses, Recipes and More!

Below we feature some of our best articles about mint throughout the years. Discover 10 interesting types of mint to grow in your container garden, learn how to cook with these aromatic greens, and try 15 household uses for mint.

Growing Mint in Containers

Create a useful, beautiful terrace garden with these 10 different mint—the range of familiar fragrances from unexpected sources is eye-popping and smile-inducing.

Mint is perfect for growing in containers; learn all about 10 great types.


Cooking with Mint

Cooking with mint is simple. Experience the versatility of mint with an entire mint-infused meal. These recipes will inspire you to customize a menu for your next gathering.

Rediscover this classic culinary herb with delicious recipes. 

15 Uses for Mint

The best part about this easy-to-grow herb is its usefulness. Use mint to repel flies, enhance the flavor of desserts, relieve hiccups, clear congestion and much more!

Discover the 15 best household uses for this wonderfully fragrant herb. 

Recipes for Cooking with Mint

Mint is a great herb to grow in your garden, if not for its aromatic nature then for its versatility in the kitchen. Read on for delicious mint recipes and learn how you can add the fresh, cool flavor of mint to jellies, salads, breads, truffles, soda and more.

Mint Jelly

Try this old-fashioned Mint Jelly on biscuits for a twist on breakfast. This recipe is also infused with apple and lemon juice.

Get the recipe here. 

Apple Walnut Salad

Use a mint like spearmint or lemon mint for a fresh, flavorful salad. The addition of apples and English walnuts really amps up the flavor.

Get the recipe here.

Herby Beer Bread

Make this Irish soda bread with dark beer for a rich flavor. The mint and lavender flowers give this bread a nutty texture.

Get the recipe.

Ginger Mint Soda

Use ginger mint to make this delicious sparkling soda recipe, perfect for summer gatherings of friends and family.

Get the recipe here.

White Grape & Mint Salsa

Unlike tomato-based salsas, this contains mint instead of cilantro. It’s good with chips and can be served on top of grilled fish.

Get the recipe here.

Minty Dark Chocolate Truffles

These dark chocolate truffles are easy they are to make. Spice it up with the addition of orange, almond and coffee.

Get the recipe here.

3 Cooling Mint Beauty Recipes

This aromatic herb is believed to have once been the beautiful nymph Minthe, who was beloved by Pluto. Legend has it, Pluto’s jealous wife Persephone transformed Minthe into a low-growing plant. Pluto, however, made sure the herb would not be forgotten—he gave mint a delightfully sweet fragrance that is released whenever it is walked upon. Use this sweet herb in a variety of refreshing beauty recipes. The menthol will give products a cooling effect.

Spearmint Lip Gloss

Mint stimulates the senses and lifts the mood. Use fresh spearmint to make a natural lip gloss that’s sure to wake you up.

Get the beauty recipe here.

Mint-Parsley Toner

This toner will eliminate surface dirt and oils, leaving your skin glowing. Plus, the menthol in the mint leaves will help tighten pores.

Get the beauty recipe here. 

Happy Feet Mask

Walk confidently with this foot mask made from fresh ingredients, including pineapple, basil and rosemary.

Get the beauty recipe here.

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