Caring for the Environment, Animals and Ourselves

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Caring for the Environment, Animals and Ourselves

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June 2019 


What does clean beauty really mean? Many are aware of what it is to be eco-friendly and cruelty-free. Most of us do our best to make a conscious effort to do our part in preserving our planet and the animals. But, can you say the same about your beauty products? Did you know that most skincare packaging is not recyclable, and that some skincare products contain ingredients that are derived from animals and insects? So, how do we know if a product is eco-ethical and animal-friendly? Many companies use icons or certifications from reputable organizations to communicate their ethical standards. However, it’s not always easy to understand the various certification meanings and the differences between the various icons.

Say No to Animal Cruelty

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An easy way to see if a product doesn’t contain any animal-derived ingredients is to look for natural brands that have a vegan icon or are vegan certified. To be vegan certified means that the products do not contain any traces of animal, animal by-products and animal-derived GMO’s in the ingredients or finished products. Often products that are identified as vegan are accompanied by a cruelty-free icon. Much like vegan certification, to be certified as cruelty-free there can be no traces of animal by-products and are not tested on animals. 

The newest addition to the world of ethical icons is reef safe. Reef-safe applied to sunscreens and the harmful ingredients found in many popular products. As we all know, sunscreens help to prevent the sun’s ultraviolet radiation from reaching the skin. However, some of these ingredients contain chemicals that are harmful to coral reefs which has a negative domino effect on marine life and ultimately the ecosystem. Look for sunscreens that have a reef safe logo and active ingredients such as titanium dioxide and zinc oxide.

Reduce the Clutter

As we take steps towards cleaner beauty choices and protecting our furry friends, it’s just as important to take care of our beautiful planet. An alarming amount of cosmetic and skincare containers end up in landfills, and even worse, they are not recyclable. Some companies are starting to do their part by only using packaging that is made of biodegradable materials and recyclable packaging components. So, what can you do to promote a better ecological future? Check to see that companies are eco-conscious with their products and packaging. To help navigate through the sea of products, keep an eye out for the recyclable and wind energy icons. Those icons help to inform customers that the packaging is indeed recyclable, and the company manufactures its products with renewable energy. Avoid packaging with silver decoration, as it is very difficult to recycle. You can also reduce the clutter by practicing upcycling. Upcycling is a creative way to reuse unwanted products and packaging components into new materials or products for better environmental value. It’s also a fun DIY activity that can be done alone, with friends and family. 

Natural Clean Skincare for Better Self-Care

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Why is natural clean skincare better? Most natural skincare products are enriched with skin-loving antioxidants that help to nourish the skin and have longer-term benefits rather than products that contain artificial ingredients that may damage and further age your skin. It’s important to remember that what goes on your skin gets absorbed into the skin. Nature-infused products are gentler to the skin and won’t disrupt the body’s natural detoxification system. Just because a product says it’s plant-based doesn’t mean you’re out of the woods yet. Check the packaging and see if it has the GMO-free icon. GMOs can have a harmful impact on your health, plants, and animals. For those with sensitive skin who want to avoid chances of skin irritation, there are great natural and vegan product options for you that are gluten and soy-free. You can rest easy knowing that there is effective skincare that’s powered by nature. Great skin should not be at the expense of the animals, our beautiful planet or your well-being.

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