5 Herbal Solutions for Winter

Reader Contribution by Mother Earth Living Staff
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Herbal Bitters

Crafted by Mother Earth Living contributor and herbalist Dawn Combs, this bitters formula uses balancing herbs such as dandelion, ginger and gentian to aid digestion.
To Buy: $15, Mockingbird Meadows


Adapt Elixir

Arm yourself against life’s everyday stressors with this balancing blend of adaptogenic herbs, including reishi, chaga, eleuthero and schisandra.
To Buy:
$15, Terra Firma Botanicals


Nighttime Syrup

With its immune-boosting elderberry and rest-promoting lemon balm and California poppy, this syrup is a go-to staple for cold and flu season.
To Buy:
$33, Gaia Herbs


Energy Tonic

Take this herbal tonic daily to help boost energy, enhance endurance, increase cognitive function and improve overall well-being.
To Buy:
$33, Urban Moonshine


Apple Cider Vinegar

Use this high-quality, raw, unpasteurized and organic vinegar when concocting your medicinal herb-vinegar blends.
To Buy:
$4, Eden Foods

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