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Jenn Leonard is an eco-consultant, natural living advocate and educator, homeschooling mom, suburban homesteader and owner of Be Well Consultations in Washington State.

My family tries to live as healthy and natural a life as possible in this world of manmade “food” and chemical-laden plastic. We have a fairly large garden, recycle, keep chickens, compost and have a rain barrel.

We also live in a neighborhood with an HOA.

Part of the requirement of living in this little suburban homestead of ours is that we have to “keep up appearances” for the neighborhood. This means keeping at least a little lawn in the yard. We’re still working on expanding our edible landscape. In the backyard, we like to keep a lawn for the kids to play. 

It’s difficult to keep the grass naturally green and plush. Every spring and summer our neighbors spray their lawns with all kinds of nasty chemicals. Many of them hire conventional lawn services to do this for them. Every year I cringe when I see the trucks pull up and smell the chemicals wafting through the air–no doubt landing all over my lawn and garden I work to keep organic.

Ironically, every year my husband also cringes…at our brown lawn that is covered in clovers and dandelions. We are at an impasse.

One year my husband hired a small, local company to take care of our lawn without letting me know. I nearly had a heart attack when I realized what was happening, and after three services I canceled them. We then went to the store and found a bag of organic DIY fertilizer. We used it once. With our busy schedules, we just don’t have the time to devote to lawn care.

I discovered a solution that will work perfectly for us. Bio Green is a natural landscape nutrition service. Bio Green comes to your home, evaluates your lawn and garden and then treats the soil, not the plants, to optimize growth. Steve from Bio Green stopped by my house and took a walk through my yard and garden for my free lawn evaluation. He was very thorough and made sure he understood exactly what I wanted to accomplish with each area of my property. After he left, I did a little research on the ingredients in Bio Green products; the ingredients in the Bio Green product are almost identical to the ingredients in that bag of organic lawn fertilizer in our shed–no need to worry about hurting my children, my pets, my plants, or the environment. We have chosen to perform the Bio Green nutrition treatment only at this point because we harvest our dandelions and enjoy their usefulness. We may or may not choose to use a natural weed killer on the clovers next spring. Because summer is almost over, we decided to leave it alone for now and see what happens by simply making the soil healthier.

Steve has since come back with Dave and the spray truck. The spraying itself took only a few minutes, and they were on their way back out with instructions to water well and a promise to come back again in five weeks. I will update monthly to let you know how the Bio Green landscape nutrition is working for us. 

Do you use Bio Green? What has your experience been? Leave me a comment and let me know!

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