Potted Herb Plants: The Easy Gift that Keeps on Giving

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Briscoe White is owner at The Growers Exchange, an all-natural online garden center that specializes in rare and traditional herbs for culinary, aromatic and medicinal use. When not tending his greenhouse or writing for his blog, Briscoe’s Seeds For Thought, he spends what little free time he has planning his next garden and playing with his dogs on his family farm in Charles City, Virginia.

The holidays can sometimes be a challenging time to find the perfect gift for the plant lover in your life, so give them the gift that keeps giving this season, and send a unique potted herb kit. While this time of year conjures images of poinsettias that fade and collect dust long before the holiday festivities are done, a customized herb kit is a meaningful gift that will provide fresh herbs and provide naturally lush décor for many months afterward. These one-of-a-kind kits are available in a variety of aromatic and culinary herbs and come with a stylish planter, soil and detailed instructions. Easy to care for and even easier to enjoy, these long-living herbs will give you a continuous supply of fresh flavors for cooking and lift your spirits until spring arrives.

Make a personalized gift-pot cilantro, rosemary or thyme for your friends.
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Why Potted Herbs?

Fresh herbs enhance our favorite holiday dishes and their aromas fill our homes with warmth, but they can become scarce to find as the weather grows colder. Sometimes found at large grocery chains, buying small bundles of herbs in the off season can really add up, especially during a season where pennies are already being pinched tightly. Growing your own potted herbs affords you the luxury of fresh plants whenever you need, with no added cost.

Buying out-of-season herbs from large chain stores isn’t only costly; it also means that the herbs may be imported with little knowledge regarding their origins or health. In many cases, the grocers aren’t gardeners and the plants don’t get proper attention while waiting on their windowless shelves to be bought. Growing your own herbs is a resourceful and sustainable way to provide healthy, non-chemically treated herbs for your home.

Many people also purchase dried herbs for their kitchen pantries for year round use. These may seem like a good alternative, but tend to lose their flavor and aroma quickly after being opened. Freshly grown herbs that you can cut as needed, will provide the best potency for taste, without letting it go to waste.

Natural Décor

When we think of using herbs, our minds immediately think of cooking, but fresh herbs also make wonderful natural décor for your home. Safer than artificial air fresheners and non-toxic to children and pets, fresh herbs purify the air inside your home and release their natural perfumes to compliment your home. There is a diverse array of herbs available, and each offers a wonderfully different scent or look. A customized potted herb kit allows you to create your own living centerpieces and indoor gardens, each suited to your favorite scent or unique style. Many herbs are evergreen and perennial, such as rosemary, lavender or lemon verbena and will continue to bring energy and beauty to your home year round.

A Truly Green Gift

Potted herb kits also make terrific green gifts for anyone on your list. Whether they are gardeners, chefs or just appreciate natural beauty, giving a potted herb kit is a meaningful way to show someone you care.  A perfect gift for “the host with the most” this holiday season, and also a wonderful gift to give in the work place, potted herbs will be enjoyed much longer than cookies, and they say more than a greeting card. Constant use of these fragrant plants will be a reminder of your friendship each time they create a flavorful dish or catch their fresh scent as they walk by. Low maintenance and easy to care for, this is a wonderful gift that keeps giving without needing a green thumb to “get growing”.

For more information and a variety of potted gift ideas for this holiday season, visit The Growers Exchange online for great green gifts!

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