Herbal Tip: Recycle Plastic Flatware In Your Garden

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Patsy Bell Hobson is a garden writer and a travel writer. For her, it’s a great day when she can combine the two things she enjoys most: gardening and traveling. Visit her personal blog athttp://patsybell.com/ and read her travel writings athttp://www.examiner.com/x-1948-Ozarks-Travel-Examiner.

A plastic picnic knife makes a great gardening tool. I tend to be a frugal person and my frugal gardening suggestion this time is to recycle plastic forks, spoons and knives to make plant markers and plastic bag openers. In the summer season, you will probably use plastic flatware at a picnic and, unfortunately, most of it will go into the trash.

Plastic bags open quickly with a plastic knife.
Photo by Pasty Bell Hobson

But, you can recycle plastic flatware from picnics and to-go purchases. (It isn’t considered recycling if you buy flatware specifically for this purpose!) So, if you happen to use plastic flatware this summer, recycle it for garden use and you will keep one more thing out of the landfill.

Recycle plastic picnicware into plant markers.
Photo by Pasty Bell Hobson

Do you recycle household items in your garden? Let us know!

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