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Reader Contribution by Samantha Collins
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My soon-to-be alma mater’s, the University of Kansas, Native Medicinal Plant Research Program planted a medicinal garden in early May to reflect the original garden that was planted at the university in 1920.

The garden was designed by faculty and staff members of the program and will include almost all of the plants that were originally planted in 1920, except for one–marijuana. (Marijuana was legal in the United States until 1937!) They also planned to add new species to make a total of about 70 species.

The garden will contain five separate beds and each bed will have a different theme. They include:

1. Plants that have been listed in the U.S. Pharmacopeia and National Formulary.
2. Plants that were included in the original KU medicinal garden in 1920.
3. Scented plants, including various teas
4. Species of genus Echinacea, which is known to be the most widely used medicinal plants in North America.
5. Species of milkweeds, genus Asclepias.

If you are familiar with the beautiful KU campus, the new medicinal garden will grow on the south side of the School of Pharmacy building at 2010 Becker Drive in Lawrence, Kansas. If you happen to be in the area on May 14, the planters are asking for volunteers to help! Check out the group’s informational flier.

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Photo by FHKE/Courtesy Flickr

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