Garden Inspiration: Plant a Spiral Garden

Reader Contribution by Lauren Holt
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Looking for gardening inspiration? Consider planting a medicinal herb spiral!

I was looking for fun gardening ideas and ran across this–It’s an herb garden planted in levels to make good use of space, rising about three feet off the ground.

A spiral herb garden is a fun way to plant herbs in a small space.
Photo by donkeycart/Courtesy

Start with fertile, well-drained soil in a sunny location. Pile up a mound of soil three feet tall and five feet wide (or proportional measurements if you want to try a bigger spiral) and use rocks to mark a spiral path around it. Be sure to allow at least 12 inches of space between each spiraling level so that your herbs have room to grow. Plant your favorite medicinal herbs in the space between rock markers. If you’re not sure which herbs to use, check out our archives or look out for the newest issue of The Herb Companion for an article about our five favorite medicinal herbs you can grow yourself–it’ll be in mailboxes and stores mid- to late March, 2011. 

If you’re more into cooking than healing with herbs, consider using this design for a simple kitchen garden. Has anyone tried this layout? Leave a comment and let me know how it works! 

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