NRG Ergonomic Digging Tools: Fun and Practical

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Working with a bunch of green magazines, I get to have the distinct joy of playing with products all day long – both in-house items (ones we loved so much we decided to sell) and products that companies around the world send me.

When these products are unusual and innovative, I can’t help but to spread the word. And it might sound like a shameless plug, but sometimes the best of those products are ones we sell here at The Herb Companion, such as our Natural Radius Grip (NRG) gardening tools.

All plugs aside, I was tickled to see the unusual NRG hand trowel and hand cultivator set while perusing our shopping site one day. When I intercepted a pair and saw the neon green handles, I thought that they’d have to be impossible to lose in the yard, which many a trowel hath suffered. It has a kind of color intensity that’s noticeable yet not quite strong enough to sore my sight. The curvature of the handle seemed unusual to hold at first, but with good reason – it’s ergonomic and shaped to maximize power!

Normally, when you hold a gardening tool, you hold it with your hand bent slightly downward, which causes stress on the wrist and makes it more difficult to get leverage. With the Natural Radius Grip handles, you hold the tool straight on, and your wrist is not strained as you dig.

The tools are hefty, but lightweight – a far cry from the cheap-o Wal-Mart ones that have actually broken in the thick of my Kansas clay. They’re rust proof, durable, fun, funky and come in lots of shapes and sizes for various functions.

Now, brace yourself for some shameless marketing: I’ll make no apologies: This is a fantastic product, one that all should have. Sure, you could buy a $4 one at Wal-Mart, but would it be ergonomic, rust-proof, light-weight, brightly colored, super-durable and come with a handle and a hook? You get what you pay for. These tools are $12.99 each or $24.95 for the set.

Find more about the entire line of NRG Hand Tools.


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