Growing Campari Tomatoes

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Shelley Moore is an aspiring organic backyard gardener with hopes of becoming a true ‘green thumb’. She is the mother of two young daughters and the wife of one helpful husband. They reside in northern Utah. 

Sitting on the sofa with my husband at my mother-in-law’s patio home just before dinner last Sunday, I had my nose in a magazine while my husband was looking up information on Campari tomatoes on his iPhone.  

One site reported they grow to 9 feet.

(What? That can’t be real.) 

Another site he relayed was stating 3 or 4 feet. 

(Okay, that seemed more realistic!) 

I remember a photo he showed me, however, and they were pretty high climbing on a support system. I’m not sure how tall this variety grows! 

I have yet to purchase anything for our Camparies to grow and climb on, however, I am just happy to have some on the vine! 

My mother in law’s husband had mentioned something to the effect awhile back that I may get some green tomatoes, but if it was a long, hot summer they may ripen. (Because I had planted from seed, I believe, and not from a starter plant; it was a late start growing than normal) So, I was discouraged at first, but gained hope. 

Saved Campari seeds ready for planting. Photo By Shelley Moore.

It’s been about a week and a half ago now, when I found small round green tomatoes growing in my garden at last!  

Our first Campari tomatoes are growing! Photo By Shelley Moore.

I found further hope in the thought that we may be able to eat red tomatoes this year as Campari’s are not a very large tomato when ripe. 

EuroFresh Campari tomatoes. Photo By Shelley Moore.

If you’re interested in trying Campari tomatoes we have purchased them at Costco and SuperTarget here in Northern Utah. The brand is Eurofresh Farms.  

I love these tomatoes because they are usually perfectly red and ripe; so good for raw eating! Plus they are really easy to deseed if you prefer to remove the seeds from the tomatoes. Then it’s easy to chop them up and toss them into a salad. They are, however, a little tricky to try and slice to put on a sandwich, but we make do as Camparis are usually all we buy. I store them in a bowl on my kitchen counter.  

How lucky we are to have some of our very own growing in our backyard! Now if the sun will stay hot, hot, hot and summer will stretch out its arms as long as they can go before fall makes its beautiful appearance we will be enjoying tomatoes, Campari style. 

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