Gardening With Herbs Near The Sutter Buttes

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Kathy Amen would like to thank her dear friend Kari Loth for giving her a subscription to The Herb Companion magazine.

The Herb Companion magazine has so many creative ideas and valuable information that I can’t wait to try. What immediately threw me outside into my herb garden was reading your article “Herbs to Repel Insects” from the May 2010 issue. I live near the Sutter Buttes in California, which is surrounded by beautiful rice fields that draw a lot of mosquitoes in the area! (The beauty here is worth the battle.) In the past years I’ve tried using mechanical equipment to ward them off, but my equipment broke last year. Your advice regarding this subject was very much appreciated! I will soon have mint and rosemary flourishing here with strategic bouquets of them on my deck patio! 

Photo by Kathy Amen

My personal experience with herbs comes from my cooking passion. Fresh herbs always takes the dining experience to another level of joy to share with friends and family. Last week, I made Rachel Ray’s Chicken Marvasala with fresh rosemary. IT WAS TO DIE FOR! It just seems to me that if you’re not using FRESH HERBS, you’re not tasting the Heart and Spirit of the meal you’re preparing.

I am happy to tell you that The Herb Companion has inspired me to plant more herbs! I even built a greenhouse for them out of old windows that I salvaged. Nature photography, cooking and gardening, next to my pomeranian, are my true passions. So I’m happy to send you photos of how I’ve tried to accomplish all this every day this spring. (With my puppy overseeing me, of course!) Enjoy these pictures of my gorgeous garden, the beautiful rice fields and my puppy. 🙂

Photos by Kathy Amen

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