For Your Garden: Three Common Garden Mistakes

Reader Contribution by Katie Priebe
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Herbs and gardening go well together, but sometimes mistakes are made when gardening that could affect the outcome of your beautiful garden. Here are a couple of the most common herb garden mistakes from Amy Jeanroy at

Choosing herbs that are unhealthy.When you are buying herbs, look for healthy plants that have bright colors and plenty of foliage. Make sure to look on the plant leaves to see if there are bugs or eggs present. Do not buy the it if this is the case–it could damage the other plants in your garden. Diseased plants are hard to quarantine so make sure to find the healthiest for your garden.

Overcrowding in the garden. When you are buying your plants for the garden make sure to read the plant tags that come with each pot. This will show its height and width, which is information to ensure that overcrowding does not happen. It is always recommended to under-plant than put herbs too close together in the garden. 

Get ready for spring with herb gardening techniques.
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Failing to pay attention to the details. Know when your plant is starting to look unhealthy. Watch your herbs closely. Look for damaged leaves, stems and unhealthy soil in your garden. You can detect problems early enough if you watch for fading, brown colors and curling of the leaves on your plant. Some of these symptoms could result in a disease. If you catch it early enough your plants might be saved!

Discover even more common herb mistakes by Amy Jeanroy, then check out five common diseases in plants from The Herb Companion. What problems have you been facing in your garden? What were your garden mistakes and what did you learn?

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