Helping an Herb Companion Friend

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A long-time friend and mentor to Herb Companion contributor, Jim Long, has suffered a tragic loss. Ester Shouse, an avid and sustainable gardener, lost her home in a fire a few days before Thanksgiving.

Although the fire ripped through the house quickly, even singeing Ester’s hair, the Shouse family all escaped with their lives. 

Ester, now 80, had planted several hundred fruits and vegetables, canning and bottling them for the family’s food. Yet, all were destroyed.

Unfortunately, the humble house was uninsured, and while the Shouse family has the manpower to rebuild, they are financially strapped for cash.  They need our help.

If you would like to help the Shouse family, send a donation with her name to the fund at her local bank:
Security Bank of Rich Hill, at Rockville (MO)
320 West Osage Ave.,
Rockville, MO 64780. 
Your contribution would be doing a great service, for a friend and fellow gardener.  

Thank-you for your time and effort and please email this blog to anyone who might be able to help.

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