Do Aqua Globes Really Work?

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To any who might’ve missed my blogging presence, I apologize!  I started a new position with the publishers of The Herb Companion working with the marketing department on graphic design and copy writing, and the learning curve in the transition has been … well, rather steep. 

Then, the holiday vacation and a trip to Miami really put me out of the loop – but I’m back and ready for a new gardening season!

Today, I’ve got a quick review for you:  I’m sure you’ve seen these all over TV and in end-caps across stores everywhere – Aqua Globes

Once filled with water, the Aqua Globe will water your plant as it needs it, based on a very simple, scientific phenomenon.  As soil dries, it releases oxygen into the globe which pushes water into the stem of the plant.  Yes, that much is true.

The beauty of these “set it, forget it” products should be just that – as little human/plant interaction as possible.  The problem is that the Aqua Globe needs to be filled, at a minimum, every two weeks.  More often in the dry winter months.

On average, I water my own houseplants once a week – and do so without the hassle of digging up a long glass globe and struggling to clear out the dirt that becomes compacted in the spout while I try to refill it with water.

I have something like 20 house plants, and so I tried Aqua Globes in four different places through my home.  I had success with the Aqua Globe in only one spot, noticing that in the three other places, dirt had become so compacted in the spout of the Globe that no water was being released.

What about you? Have you tried these As-Seen-On-TV “Wonders?” Did you have the same problems? Let me know what you think!

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