Bringing the Herb Garden Indoors

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Growing an herb garden is a pleasure for those lucky enough to have a plot nearby, not to mention useful. Fresh herbs add that extra “something” to culinary pursuits and are beneficial to your health in countless ways. Unfortunately, starting an herb garden is not always practical, or even possible. If you are like me, living in an apartment defeats most gardening attempts. Others find that an urban lifestyle, unruly weather or lack of sunlight thwart their herbal plans.

Bringing the garden indoors is an undemanding way to satisfy a green thumb. If you’ve been itching to dig into some dirt, but are prevented by environmental difficulties, this may be the method to try. There are a number of herb staples that will grow inside, which include basil, parsley, thyme, and rosemary.

Thyme grows easily indoors as a potted plant.
Photo by ccharmon/Courtesy of Flickr

To get started, check out The Herb Companion’s list of the Top 8 Gardening Products for Fall for some nifty tools. Some of the products are aimed toward the more experienced gardener, but others, such as the garden ladder, will benefit your indoor garden and could even be built from scratch by those who are particularly handy.

Using shelves is an efficient use of space for an indoor garden.
Photo by Rob ‘n’ Rae/Courtesy of Flickr

Once you’ve gotten some starter materials together and have happily begun your indoor herb garden, monitor your progress and find help with any questions from This website provides excellent tips and information exclusively aimed toward the indoor herb gardener.

Here’s to a practical and entirely possible indoor garden!

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