The Herbs from Mother Earth

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<p>What are herbs?</p>
<p>Herbs are the spirit of Mother Earth talking to her children who walk, fly, swim-keeping the connection between the garden, the green, the light, the wind, the sand and the stars. They are working plants, giving us nourishment for our minds, clothing for our bodies, medicine for our ills, dyes, colors, fragrance and harmony.</p>
<p>Many lessons come from herbs and from the garden. We can take the light of day and transform it into a whole person. We need to find our place in the garden in order to grow. Whenever a plant does not thrive in one place there is always another place for it to flourish. Every season has its own beauty. If you move, shake loose and tumble, you will only be a tumbleweed, bumping along on the whimsy of the wind, or you can burrow down deep into the earth, spread your roots, claim your space, stretch your limbs, arms and soul, face the light, take the rains, snows and storms, bare your hardened bark, shed your falling leaves, and go inward on the veil of the winter solstice.</p>
<p>Grow grandly into a mighty oak; weep as a willow, head bowed all the daylong. Tend to the weeds, the infinite distractions we face daily, the loss of time, creativity and energy.</p>
<p>Herbal plants offer the medicine of Mother Nature-ye shall be known by thy fruit. Whatever grows of beauty and purpose is more than a single day’s work.</p>
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<p>It’s time to get planting again as the chi of my comfrey, burdock, yellowdock, chocolate mint, catnip, stinging nettle, golden seal and echinacea rises, remembering the infinite connection. It’s spring once more. I grab my gardening tools, call my kittens and join the birds and bees as we all have work to do.</p>

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