The Herb Society of America Hosts An Open House

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The Herb Society of America recently launched an open house to feature its updated headquarters in Kirtland, Ohio.

On Saturday, June 26, HSA hosted various presentations about herbs and the history of its Vineyard House in celebration of the newly constructed herb library and its many other renovations.

The Herb Society of America’s newly renovated building and library.
Check out The Herb Companion tucked away in its magazine selection.
Courtesy The Herb Society of America

Construction lasted about six months. According to Katrinka Morgan, executive director of The Herb Society of American, the headquarters building is almost 170 years old. It is acutally the oldest stone building in the United States and is a Lake County historic building. (One could only image the necessity of renovations and expanison!)

“The expanded library is probably the most significant change and provides an area for individuals to study and do research,” says Morgan. “An expanded archives also gives our members the opportunity to store their units history for future generations.”

The open house featured many herb displays.
This table include herbs from the HSA and Western Reserve Herb Society garden.
The Herb Society of America

Don’t worry if you missed the open house. If you live near Kirkwood, Ohio, or find yourself traveling in the area, HSA plans to host many events in the future. You can attend a 45 minute presentation about herbs and cooking tips on July 20 or 27. The classes cost $10 per person. Or, if cooking isn’t your forte, HSA is hosting herb study groups and many other classes through November. You can visit The Herb Society of America website to learn more about the details for each class.

The Herb Society of America was founded in 1933 to promote the use and knowledge of herbs in the United States. Anything you ever wanted to know about herbs can be found in its online Herbal Guides. If you would like to become a member of The Herb Society of America, you can go to its website to enroll. It costs $50 a year to be a member. As a member of The Herb Society of America, you get a 50 percent discount on a one-year subscription to The Herb Companion magazine, discounts at various establishments and access to many resources about herbs.

Check out even more pictures of their open house.

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