Stress-Calming Tea Recipe

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Discover the health benefits of this Stress-Calming Tea recipe.

Learn about this Stress-Calming Tea recipe and the herbal health benefits associated with this tea.

Brigitte Mars created the following tea recipe using some of
the herbs discussed in the article “Herbs for Tea Blends” (see below). Measure the herbs by weight, and
prepare the teas using the directions discussed in the article.

Stress-Calming Tea Recipe

•1 part chamomile flower
•1 part catnip leaf
•1 part oatstraw herb

Brigitte Mars, A.H.G., an herbalist and nutritional consultant
from Boulder, Colorado, has been working with natural medicine for
thirty years. She teaches herbal medicine through the Rocky
Mountain Center for Botanical Studies. Brigitte is the formulator
for allGoode Organics and the author of
Addiction Free Naturally
(Healing Arts, 2001),
Herbs for Healthy Hair, Skin, and Nails (NTC,
Natural First Aid (Storey, 1999), and Dandelion Medicine
(Storey, 1999);

Read more about using herbs in tea: Herbs for Tea Blends.

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