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Drop In

Ditch the infusers and tea bags and try dissolvable Tea Drops instead. Organic spices, cane sugar and five varieties of tea sourced from around the world form these portable, whimsically shaped blends, the perfect amount for your favorite mug. To buy: $34 for 25 drops,

Gourmet Chocolate Bars

Artisan treats from Compartés are a delicious and sustainably made twist on holiday chocolate. Crafted with eye-catching packages and unique flavors, these bars will delight even the most adventurous chocolate lover on your list. To buy: $10 a bar,

Blends for Better Rest

Who couldn’t use better sleep during this stressful season? The preblended bottle of organic essential oils and carrier oils from Komega6 is ready to use the moment it’s opened and brings soothing scents, natural sleep and easier rest. To buy: $30 for 50-mL bottle,

Raw Honey Scrub

Worker B’s mix of essential oil fragrances and local, raw honey is the perfect, healthy way to treat dry winter skin. With organic ingredients straight from the hive, skin will be buffed, moisturized and ready for the next holiday event. To buy: $29 for 11-ounce jar,

Energizing Perfume

This collection of essential oils and flower essences from Adoratherapy helps center users while making them smell divine. An alternative to perfume, these roll-on scents are organic and balancing, perfect for hectic hoilidays. To buy: $30 for 10-mL roll-on.

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