Reading Labels for Natural Remedies That Work

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The shelves of any store are full of choices. Overwhelmingly full.

For a consumer, a parent, or even a physician, making an informed decision about the best solutions can be downright exasperating. Soothing throats, easing tummy woes, or just maintaining health and wellness is a challenge when so many products offer similar outcomes.  When choosing solutions to keep your family healthy, reading the label is of particular importance to ensure that what you put in your body is as natural as possible, while still effective.

Taking a step back and considering the efficacy of the ingredients available to us in nature is an important first step in choosing a wellness plan for yourself and your family. Homegrown remedies will always have their place, but you and your family deserve solutions that are grounded in solid, scientific evidence. 

Quality, wholesome products can be difficult to find. Even more trying is selecting a product made with naturally derived ingredients that are proven to be efficacious. At the end of the day, consumers want a healthy solution, but they also need a product that works. Fortunately, by reading labels carefully and conducting some basic research on the clinical impact of handpicked ingredients, you can have both.

Always speak with your physician.

It should go without saying that your physician should always be your first stop for guidance about maintaining wellness. Many physicians’ offices and pharmacies have staff members available during business hours, so that you can consult a professional regarding the best choice for your routine.

Choose natural ingredients, when possible.

Many times a natural ingredient can support wellness or solve a problem for people of all ages, including for children. Simple, wholesome solutions can be effective, without the harmful, negative side effects.

Determine clinical effectiveness.

When using natural ingredients, be sure to confirm their clinical effectiveness. Everyone has heard of plant-based solutions to promote well-being, but be sure that the products you choose are supported by clinical evidence.

All of this information may leave you wondering exactly which ingredients are effective for everything from soothing throats to digestive wellness and general health. Often nature’s most powerful remedies come from the most unlikely places.

Bees produce certain dark honey blends that are liquid gold for people experiencing throat irritation by providing a dose of nutrients to help calm coughs. Tiny Austrian elderberries provide big support to the immune system through a blast of antioxidants and vitamins, while marine algae in South Carolina delivers a type of omega 3 nutrient to support brain function. 

To learn more about the efficacious properties of dark honey, elderberries, and algae follow along with this upcoming blog series where we will focus on several key natural ingredients to keep your family healthy because you deserve a simple, authentic approach to wellness. 

Bret Furio is the CEO of Zarbee’s NaturalsTM , a whole family wellness company with a commitment to providing consumers with simple, handpicked, quality ingredients to support family health & wellness.  Zarbee’s uses clinical evidence to identify ingredients, and strives to avoid many unwanted additives, components or fillers, resulting in wholesome, safe, and effective options for the entire family.

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