Pages of the Past: The Herbalist's Shelves

Old herbal remedies from times past

| March/April 1999

The Meyer family grew and gathered so many herbs early in this century that they could say with confidence to the readers of their almanac/catalog: “If you do not see what you want, send for it anyway.”

They also offered a dizzying array of blends and preparations for every ailment and condition of the time. Here’s a sampling of their products from the pages of The Herbalist Almanac.

Juniperole: “It is a handy household remedy that should be in every home. We have never heard of or seen a remedy that so quickly relieves that heavy feeling in the chest caused by phlegm that stubbornly refuses to be expelled.”

Sunola for sunburn and freckles: “It is a scientific preparation for the prevention of sunburn and freckles. No lady should be without it. Has a tendency to overcome unpleasant body odors. Made in Pink, White and Brunette.”

Honey-Cherry-Balsam Compound: “The finest cough syrup our famous Herbalist has been able to produce. . . . Wonderful for singers and speakers.”

Oriental Breath Wafers: “These wafers are indispensable to lovers, clerks, salesmen, solicitors, barbers, waiters, etc., and in fact anyone coming in close contact with the public where an offensive breath may be the innocent cause for loss of business.”

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