November Photo Challenge

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November Photo Challenge

In November we co-hosted a month-long photo challenge with our sister magazines @motherearthnewsmag, @grit1882 and @heirloomgardenermag on Instagram. During the month of November, our editors shared and re-posted photos every day of things they’re grateful for, including stocked winter pantries, happy houseplants, homemade treasures, and more. We were overwhelmed with the response we received and loved seeing all the photos. Below are some of our favorites.

November 1: A cozy spot

November 2: Handmade item

November 3: Winter pantry

Sorting through and giving love to all of my botanicals one final time before I leave for India in three days, as I won’t be taking any of these with me. My medicine cabinet for the winter is ready upon arrival home next month. Other than some immune boosting herbal supplements and essential oils, I’ll be taking a light break from my herbals as my approach to doing the inner work will be a bit different in India. A lot of these I’ve gotten from @mountainroseherbs and @frontiercoop, while a lot of these have also come from dear friends, wild harvests, and local farms from South Florida all the way to New York. I give an extra special thank you to the friends who know me well enough to gift me botanicals and herbals! I look so forward to blending these up, making medicine, and hosting tea ceremonies in the years to come. Join me if you will and stay tuned ?

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November 4: Comfort food

Comfort Food – Day 4 | Potatoes… mashed, stuffed with cheese and bacon, fried, tossed with copious amounts of butter, and shallots, and dill, and garlic. It doesn’t get any better or more comforting! . My potato game is strong you guys. So strong that my family actually refers to these as “Crystal Potatoes.” Toot. <– me, tooting my own horn. . To make perfect roasted potatoes that are crispy on the outside and pillowy on the inside: 1. use a russet-type potato 2. cut into cubes, toss with a generous amount of oil (avocado or lard) and salt 3. bake 425F for at least an hour, no need to stir 4. while hot on the pan, sprinkle with a mixture of garlic powder, onion powder, and dried parsley . They are so good! #simplygratefultogether #homestead #potatoesarelife

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November 5: Houseplants

November 6: Fall smells

November 7: Home remedies

November 8: In my cup

November 9: View from my window

November 10: Bundled up

November 11: Symbol of love

November 12: Healthy choice

November 13: Herbs and spices

November 14: The sky

November 15: Gardens

November 16: Indulgence

Indulgence – Day 16 | Salted Honey Caramels!! These are pretty much my favorite thing. #simplygratefultogether #madewithhoney #homemade

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November 17: Memento of spring

November 18: Barns and potting sheds

Barns on the backroads of Osage County, Kansas. ? #barns #backroads #kansas #simplygratefultogether #sunsets

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November 19: Baking

November 20: Locally made

November 21: Your workspace

November 22: Seasonal ingredients

#day22 #seasonalingredient #sweetpotatoes #simplygratefultogether @motherearthnewsmag @motherearthliving

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November 23: Table setting

November 24: Nature

Nature #day24 #simplygratefultogether #rosarugosa #frosty #vermont @motherearthnewsmag @motherearthliving

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November 25: A family heirloom

Day 25: A family heirloom. “These seeds are very special to me. My grandma Jan used to grow four o’clocks (Mirabilis jalapa) outside of her home. I loved plucking the seeds out of their individual nests until I had a nice collection of them resting in my little palm. I would look at them and admire their shape, color, and texture…their uniformity but uniqueness. My grandma taught me about the beauty intrinsic in all life (whether it were a tree, a snake, a spider making its web, or a tiny seed). She passed away while I was still very young, and seeds from her ?four o’clock? plants were planted in the garden beside the front door of my parents’ house. Because my dad was in the military, we moved quite often, and eventually the seeds and the plants were lost. While digging through my parents’ collection of seeds a few months ago, I came across these nine little seeds rattling around in the bottom of the box…four o’clock seeds from ?the descendants? of my grandma’s plants. I’ll plant these seeds come spring in the hopes that they grow into something beautiful, just like how my grandma planted seeds in me that grew into compassion, love, and an appreciation for finding beauty in unlikely places.” – Russell Mullin. Share your #familyheirloom photos with us by using the hashtag #simplygratefultogether. We’re cohosting this photo challenge with our good friends at @motherearthnewsmag, @grit1882 and @motherearthliving

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November 26: Trusted tool

November 27: Root vegetables

November 28: Community involvement

November 29: House goals

November 30: Favorite hobby

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