Healthy Toothpaste, Healthy Mouth: Natural Toothpaste Review

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Most of us are figuring out how harmful many of our household products are, and toothpaste is no exception. Top brands contain harmful ingredients that can contribute to a variety of illnesses.

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Toothpaste Ingredients to Avoid

• Sodium fluoride is used for cavity prevention and causes nausea, vomiting and even death if large amounts are swallowed.
• Triclosan is carcinogenic and is added to toothpaste for its antibacterial qualities.
• Sodium lauryl sulfate is a cleansing and foaming agent that is carcinogenic and causes skin irritation.
• Propylene glycol absorbs effortlessly into the skin and goes into our blood stream.
Diethanolamine is another foaming agent that disrupts our hormones. Most commercial toothpastes contain all of these ingredients.

You’re probably getting pretty tired of hearing about all of the catastrophic things our environment is doing to our bodies. But there are some companies that are making toothpaste right. Natural toothpaste can be effective, healthy and taste great, all at the same time.

Many companies who sell natural toothpaste started making their products for a reason: They couldn’t find toothpaste they felt was safe for their families. They have created their products out of effective sources derived from the earth. So much of what we need in life has always been here, in a safe, pure state.

My Thoughts: Natural Toothpastes

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David’s Premium Natural Toothpaste: With natural ingredients, recyclable packaging, no artificial flavors, no preservatives and no fluoride, David’s comes in at a rating of 1, on the Environmental Working Group’s toxicity scale. (0 is the least toxic rating, 10 is the most toxic.)

This American-made paste boasts great flavor too. 100 percent natural, USA-farmed mint oil is used to give it a super minty taste. Limestone is used to add a gentle, abrasive quality that really made my teeth feel polished. The clean feeling was long lasting as the mint oil really sticks around, keeping things fresh.

David’s takes pride in being earth friendly—“David’s is all about sustainability…sustaining our earth, our USA economy, our health…Thank you for your support and being part of the solution.”

The Natural Dentist All-In-One Toothpaste: This toothpaste is made with a combination of aloe vera and botanicals. It does contain fluoride, but they sell a fluoride-free version that uses xylitol. The EWG gives them a rating of 3.

The taste is very traditional. Mint is the dominant flavor and it isn’t too sweet. My mouth felt as clean as it did when I used regular toothpaste. If you are struggling to toss your SLS filled, mainstream toothpastes, this one is for you.

Mouth rinses are one of the main focuses of The Natural Dentist. They have a variety to choose from, including selections that soothe and heal bleeding gums. Just like the paste, I found the taste to be very pleasant. I have been using another mouth wash that actually made me a little queasy because of the sweetener in it. I didn’t have that problem with The Natural Dentist rinse.

I don’t agree with the use of fluoride in their products, but they do make sure that consumers have fluoride-free options.

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Earthpaste: This one is probably the most unique products I came across during my research. It is pure enough to eat, it has only five ingredients, and the main ingredient is clay. Yes…clay! The clay polishes and cleanses. It is also alkaline and provides essential minerals to your teeth. With essential oils, salt, and xylitol, Earthpaste has everything you need for a healthy mouth. According to a representative from the company, after 20-25 brushings, all previous glycerin agents from unhealthy pastes are broken down, and the clay will start healing your teeth and could even heal cavities. The EWG rates it at a 1.

I had to try this stuff and was really excited to receive some samples in the mail. It was really different at first, but pleasant at the same time. The paste is grey, but smooth in texture. I felt like I did not put enough on my brush at first, because Earthpaste does not contain any foaming agents, however when I rinsed, my mouth felt incredibly clean.

Earthpaste comes in five different flavors, cinnamon, wintergreen, lemon twist, peppermint and spearmint. Lemon twist and peppermint were my favorites!

Green Beaver Toothpaste I’ll start by saying Green Beaver has incredible flavors. Cilantro mint, cinnamon, frosty mint, green apple, spearmint, star anise and zesty orange all taste ridiculously good. A fresh mint flavor is also available for anyone with sensitive teeth or gums.

It is hard to pick a favorite flavor, but frosty mint delivers that really fresh feeling most of us are looking for in a toothpaste. Sometimes, I’m in the mood for something milder, for example, when I want to brush up before a meal and the fruit flavors come in handy here.

This is another great product for those who are just converting to natural oral care products. The consistency isn’t shockingly different from any other toothpaste you’ve probably tried, but the ingredients are wholesome.

Green Beaver believes in creating products that do not harm animals, the earth, or humans. The company offers everything from oral care products to hair care products. “Green Beaver was founded on the belief that humans can live happily and healthfully off of the goodness that Mother Nature provides”—Alain Menard.

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The Honest Company Toothpaste: I have tried almost every personal care product The Honest Company offers. Their toothpaste is one of my favorite things they have. Natural peppermint is used to add flavor, organic aloe and ginger create a calming effect to ease sores and abrasions, and calcium is added for enamel protection.

The EWG rates the paste at a 3 because of a coconut derived cleanser, sodium lauroyl sarcosinate. The Honest Company says that this is a natural ingredient and it has two stamps of approval from the Handbook of Green Chemicals and Whole Foods Premium Body Care. To further solidify the company’s stance that their product is pure, the Think Dirty App, an affiliate with the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, rates the paste at a 0. This means according to their research, the product does not pose health risks.

So Which One Is the Best?

Each of these amazing pastes have their own strengths, many of which depend on what your personal preferences are. Is fluoride a must for you or do you think its toxic? Are you adventurous with flavors and textures? Do you have sensitive teeth or inflamed gums? Are you looking for something you and your kids will both love? Those questions should help you decide which natural toothpaste is right for you.

After trying all of them, Earthpaste came out on top for me. I love the fact that it not only cleans my teeth, but detoxes my mouth. I will probably continue buying all of the brands, and rotating. I like to keep things fresh…no pun intended.

Karyn Wofford is a type 1 diabetic, EMT and Certified Wellness Specialist. For years she has educated herself on wellness and natural, wholesome living. Karyn’s goal is to help people be the healthiest they can be while living fun, happy lives.

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