The Rainbow Juice Cleanse, Explained

Did you know that juicing with all colors of the rainbow can actually ensure the best possible nutrition? Discover the myriad health benefits of the Rainbow Juice Cleanse.

| June 2015

Did you know that juicing high-glycemic vegetables can affect the intricate physiology of the body? Doctor Ginger Southall’s new book The Rainbow Juice Cleanse (Running Press, 2015) showcases how juicing with all colors of the rainbow can ensure the best possible nutrition profile. This excerpt explains the benefits of the rainbow juice cleanse.

Although Sir Isaac Newton was the first to understand the rainbow from a scientific perspective, for centuries, in many cultures, there have been countless myths and legends surrounding their power. The rainbow has historically been a symbol of hope, faith and the promise of a brighter future ahead. I even have memories of childhood elders saying, “Eat the colors of the rainbow, and you will allow the sunlight to shine through you,” or “Eat the colors of the rainbow and watch your life explode with beauty and color.”

As an adult and a physician who has extensively studied food, nutrition, disease, and the human body, I can say that both the symbolism and the childhood sayings ring true. Eating the foods of the colors of the rainbow—red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet—indeed can lead to the promise of a brighter future for both our weight and our overall health.

Rainbow Juice Cleanse Recipes

Red Pepper-Mint Juice Recipe
Hippocrates’ Famous Green Juice Recipe
Purple Lemonade Recipe

Why Color? 

One word: phytonutrients.

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