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For some women, PMS can be severely painful.
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“Health Hacks” by Esme Floyd lets you understand why your body works the way it does, how you can remedy it when it's underperforming and how you can keep it a well-oiled machine all through life.

Health Hacks(Carlton Books, 2016) by Esme Floyd will help you to make small changes that reap really big health benefits. This book has direct remedies for health problems as well as preventative advice on topics ranging from nutrition and fitness to illnesses and stress, This section will help you beat PMS symptoms.

Jog Away Pain

Taking regular exercise – for example, aerobics or jogging – can help reduce the symptoms of PMS (PMT). However, you should be exercising on a regular basis, not just when symptoms are present, if you want to enjoy the full health benefits.

Experiment with EPO

Some women find that taking evening primrose oil helps relieve breast discomfort. Long-term treatment (more than three months) may be required before any effect is noticed, however.

Smoothie Away Symptoms

Studies suggest that daily doses of magnesium and calcium taken during the time PMS (PMT) symptoms occur could have a cocktail of effects – helping reduce mood swings, muscle pains and fluid retention. Get both minerals at once in a soothing banana smoothie, made with either milk or yogurt.

Secure A Fishy Cure

Fish fats help to relieve the symptoms of premenstrual disorders, including breast pain, PMT, bloating, depression and irritability. Choose oily fish such as mackerel, herring, sardines and salmon for the best effects.

Iron Out PMT Problems

Heavy menstrual blood flow can deplete your body’s iron stores, which can in turn cause further bleeding. Women who increase the iron in their diets are likely to suffer less heavy and painful periods. Sources include lean red meat, sardines, egg yolk, dried figs and dark green leafy vegetables like spinach.

Plant The Seeds of a Cure

Blackcurrant seeds, evening primrose seeds and borage seeds are all high in gamma linolenic acid (GLA), which helps regulate fluid retention and hormone release, helping minimize symptoms of PMS (PMT) and period problems.

Send PMT Cramps Balmy

Lemonbalm is often used for menstrual problems as it has a calming and regulating effect in the menstrual cycle. It helps ease menstrual cramps and treats irregularities.

Beef Up to Reduce Cramps

Supplementing the diet with zinc, found in high proportions in red meats like beef and lamb, has been found to reduce cramps, bloating and other PMS (PMT) symptoms.

Strengthen with Vitamin C

Taking vitamin C and bioflavonoids may strengthen uterine blood vessels and make them less susceptible to damage, so reducing the severity and length of bleeding during periods.

Manage with Marjoram

Essential oil of marjoram has been shown to increase warmth and comfort if used to massage the abdomen during menstruation or in a burner to encourage pain-free sleep.

Massage Away the Pain

Place your hands on your hips with the thumbs on the lower back at hip level, either side of the spine, and move the thumbs in small, light circular motions. Be gentle to avoid pain or discomfort.

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Excerpted from the book Health Hacks.Copyright ©2016 by Esme Floyd. Printed with permission fromCarlton Books.

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