The Benefits of Lemon Essential Oil

Use this guide to make the most of cancer-fighting, mood-boosting lemon essential oil.

| September/ October 2017

  • Whether applied to the skin, taken internally, or simply diffused through the air, the health benfits of lemon essential oil are vast.
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  • Lemon is a top note; when added to essential oil blends, it is one of the first scents we smell but tends to fade quickly.
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While many people have the notion that essential oils are only for bath and beauty, I’ve been telling people for decades that aromatherapy, when properly used, is the future of natural medicine. That’s because essential oils are highly concentrated versions of the therapeutic plants from which they are derived. Their potent scents travel via the olfactory system, stimulating a healing response from the brain and throughout the body, depending on the actions of particular essential oils.

Lemon essential oil is among my favorite essential oils, and it has a wealth of possible uses for health, including everything from boosting mood to aiding weight loss.

Healing with Lemon Essential Oil

Some of lemon essential oil’s many amazing healing properties include:

Anticancer Power: Lemons are well-documented to contain a variety of anticancer compounds, including one known as d-limonene, which is largely found in lemon peels. Lemon essential oil is extracted from the peels of lemon due to their high oil content. According to some reports, lemon essential oil may contain as much as 70 percent d-limonene. For skin cancer and other types of cancer, some experts recommend internal use of two drops two to three times daily; however, I don’t recommend using essential oils internally without the advice of a trained medical professional.

Antimicrobial Aid:Lemon has long been recognized as a natural antiseptic, having antiviral and antifungal properties. Adding several drops of lemon essential oil to your natural cleaning products (or homemade products such as the recipe for Lemon Fresh All-Purpose Scrub below) can help kill microbes while freshening the air. In a study published in the Journal of Food Safety, researchers found that lemon essential oil had antibacterial activity against all six of the bacteria they tested.

Mood Booster: Lemon has traditionally been used to elevate mood, and research in the medical journal Behavioural Brain Research supports this use. The researchers found that lemon essential oil diffused into the air reduced depression and anxiety in mice.

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