Homemade Salves for Every Household: 6-Week Fresh Herb Oil Method

6-Week Fresh Herb Oil Method

When making an herbal oil with fresh plant material, the general rule is to loosely fill a glass jar to the very top with plant material then cover the material entirely with olive oil. Little to no air pockets should be left in the jar as that will promote the growth of mold. Some people even stir the plant and oil mixture with a chopstick before capping it to ensure that all surfaces of the plant material are covered/immersed in the olive oil.


1⁄3 cup fresh plant material

1 cup olive oil


1. Place plant material into a glass jar with a lid.

2. Completely cover plant material with olive oil, then add lid.

3. Place jar in a cool, dark place for 6 weeks, shaking daily. Herb oils that steep too long can go rancid—set a calendar reminder at six weeks.

4. After 6 weeks, strain out plant material, label and use oil (externally only).

Note: In some cases people find that a few days after decanting (removing the plant material from the oil) a small amount of water has accumulated at the very bottom of their jar of herbal oil. This is because fresh plants naturally contain water. Simply siphon/pour the oil into a clean jar, leaving behind the water in the previous container. Store the oil in this new glass jar.

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