Natural Remedies for PMS Relief

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Hormone fluctuations the few days before your period can wreak havoc on your physical and mental well-being. Painful cramps, uncomfortable bloating and ever-changing mood swings can leave you feeling less-than-human and wishing for your normal life back. If you’re sick of the suffering, make a change in your life! No matter the degree of your symptoms, this monthly suffering can be relieved through a few simple, natural steps.

Put yourself in a good mood by naturally minimizing your PMS symptoms. Photo By Mark Sebastian/Courtesy Flickr.

1. Eat a proper diet.

The foods we eat have a major affect on our bodies’ hormone levels. Eating fruits, vegetables and grains can reduce your PMS symptoms, while eating foods such as dairy and salt will amplify your ailments. Find out which five foods to eat for PMS relief–and which six foods to avoid.

2. Stress less.

Cortisol, a stress hormone, competes with progesterone for common cell receptors in your body, which can contribute to the estrogen imbalance that causes cramps and irritability. Learning to manage stress can help balance your hormones and reduce PMS symptoms. Experiment with different techniques (yoga, meditation, breathing exercises) to find out what works best for you.

Exercising for two and a half hours each week and learning to manage stress can help you alleviate some symptoms of PMS. Photo By Adria Richards/Courtesy Flickr.

3. Exercise.

Regular aerobic activity can help regulate your hormones and stress level, not to mention increasing your supply of endorphins (which will help with those mood swings). Try to get two and a half hours of moderate exercise each week.

4. Treat your symptoms at the source.

If preventive measures, don’t work, tackle those symptoms one-by-one.

Cramps: Painful abdominal cramps are one of the most common–and uncomfortable–of the PMS symptoms. Acupressure, essential oils and applying heat to your abdomen can all help alleviate these paralyzing pains.

Moodswings: Intensified feelings of anger and sadness will not only leave you feeling drained, but they can also afflict your relationships. Banish bad moods and feel happier with these 5 steps.

Lackofenergy: Some women feel exhausted the week before their period. Be sure to get plenty of sleep and eat iron-rich foods. For an extra spurt of energy, drop the coffee and try these natural energy boosters.

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