The Oil Cleansing Method

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Try the oil cleansing method for cleaner, clearer skin.

Though it may seem contrary to what many of us believe about skin care, oil works wonders for the skin—so much, in fact, that you can use it in place of conventional products to cleanse your face. While conventional cleansers often contain harsh detergents, irritating fragrances and drying ingredients, nutrient-rich facial oils can help balance skin’s oil production.

Traditionally, the oil cleansing method uses castor oil thinned with a cold-pressed vegetable oil such as sunflower seed oil or extra-virgin olive oil. Mix 3 to 5 ounces of the blends to follow and store in a sterile bottle. Wash and dry the container before replenishing your mixture.

Castor Oil to Vegetable Oil Ratios

For balanced skin: 20 percent castor oil, 80 percent vegetable oil

For oily skin: 30 percent castor oil, 70 percent vegetable oil

For dry skin: 10 percent castor oil, 90 percent vegetable oil

The Oil Cleansing Method

In the evening, pour oil into your palms and rub hands together to warm the oil. Thoroughly massage the oil into your face, using slow, firm motions and focusing on any problem areas. Soak a washcloth in steaming hot water (hot enough to be pleasant but not burn) and lay it over your face until the cloth cools. Wipe the oil away and rinse the washcloth in hot water. Put the hot cloth on your face again, letting it cool and wiping oil away, repeating this process three or four times. If you need to moisturize, pat a small drop of the oil blend on damp skin. In the morning, gently wipe your face with a warm washcloth.

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