Make Homemade Herbal Soap: Tea Tree Antiseptic Soap Recipe

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Homemade herbal soaps can have multiple health benefits.

Antiseptic Herbal Soaps

Useful for keeping hands bacteria-free and for washing wounds, antiseptic soaps reduce the chance for illness to spread and for wounds to become infected.

Tea Tree Antiseptic Soap

The tea tree (Melaleuca alternifolia) grows in Australia; the essential oil extracted from the leaves by steam distillation is highly antiseptic. This ingredient is especially welcome in treating skin maladies because it is gentle and penetrates easily while working against bacteria, fungi, yeast and viruses. The soap is helpful in treating athlete’s foot and is also a fine deodorant soap.

• 2 cups glycerin soap base
• 2 tablespoons tea tree oil

Combine melted base and herbal oil. Stir until blended, then pour into molds and cool.

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