Natural Product Review: Bubble and Bee Unscented Organic Lip Balm

Reader Contribution by Susan Melgren and Web Editor
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In the depths of winter, when cold winds and dry days have left my lips feeling extra dry and chapped, I find myself applying some lip balms over and over without result. On days like that, I want a lip balm that provides a little extra protection–so I reach for Bubble and Bee’s Unscented Organic Lip Balm.

Formulated with just three simple ingredients–sunflower oil, cocoa butter and beeswax–Bubble and Bee’s Unscented Organic Unscented Lip Balm is as basic as it gets. No chemical preservatives. No synthetic fragrances. Just plain, pure, USDA-certified organic ingredients. Thanks to its simple formula, you don’t have to worry about toxic chemicals seeping into your body. In fact, the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep database awarded Bubble and Bee’s lip balm a 0: the best score a product could receive!

The lip balm slathers on thick, supplying a durable barrier between your lips and the dry winter air. I find that just one application of Bubble and Bee’s organic lip balm is good enough to last me for hours and sometimes even the whole day! The only thing I dislike about this organic lip balm is that at room temperature it’s a hard mass and too solid to apply. But if you’re carrying the balm in your pants pocket–or stowing in a warmer-than-average spot, like I do–the balm softens to a consistency better suited for spreading over dry, chapped lips.

Like your lip balms a little more fun? Although the unscented lip balm is the purest, most basic formula Bubble and Bee offers, the company also offers its organic lip balms in fruity flavors such as orange, pomegranate, raspberry, apple and lime; fun concoctions like root beer coconut and lime; and even basic peppermint.

Bubble and Bee’s Organic Lip Balm costs $3.99 for a standard. 0.15-ounce tube. It can be purchased online or in select retailers.

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