Natural Product Review: Dr. Hauschka’s Biodynamic Skin Care

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The mission of the Dr. Hauschka skin-care line is “to support the healing of humankind and the planet,” and you can feel the strength and deep nurturing of this very mission absorbing into your skin when you use the line. Everything they do is in the interest of fostering the well-being of the world, from ecologically conscious methods of growing and sourcing ingredients to international fair trade initiatives.

The skin adores Dr. Hauschka. It is refreshing and delicious in every way you can imagine. I have been using Dr. Hauschka for 20 years now. At 40, people guess I am 10 years younger and women are forever asking me what skin care I use. So, ladies! Here are the specifics.

Shar Veda’s Morning Skin-Care Routine:

My basic daily skin-care regimen in the morning is Dr. Hauschka 3-Step: Cleanse, Tone, Moisturize.

CLEANSE: Dr. Huaschka’s Milk Cleanser is velvety smooth going on and great for even the most sensitive of skin; it also doubles as a makeup remover. You only need one or two pumps, and it lasts about 6 months. 

TONE: The Clarifying Toner tones, balances pH and calms skin. It contains calendula, wound wort, horse chestnut, echinacea, daisy and witch hazel.  This toner is both powerful and light at once.  A few spritzes are super refreshing and the skin adores it.

MOISTURIZE: Dr. Hauschka has many great moisturizers for all skin types. I switch between the Rose Day Cream and the Melissa Day Cream; I love the Melissa Day Cream. The scent alone is so uplifting it’s impossible to be in a bad mood when you apply it to your face. It contains sunflower, apricot and jojoba oils, Melissa (lemon balm), carrot and daisy, among other pure plant ingredients.

BONUS MASK: Once or twice a week I mix the Hydrating Mask in with the Melissa Day Cream. It’s soothing and quenches dry, thirsty skin with almond, avocado, olive oil, shea butter and beeswax.

Try Dr. Hauschka and you’re in for a delicious daily experience. Your skin and senses will thank you. These products are a bit pricey, but, in my opinion, so worth it! And I have a secret: I buy from Organaca. Several times a year they have great sales (25 percent off!) on Dr. Hauschka products and I like to stock up then.

Shar Veda is an Ayurveda Lifestyle Counselor & Health Educator, Yoga Therapist, and herbalist living in Ashland, Oregon. She offers compassionate health and lifestyle counseling anywhere in the world via Skype and or the good old-fashioned telephone. Shar has had the great gift of studying with leading teachers in Ayurveda, Yoga, and herbalism for nearly 20 years. However, it was her adopted grandma, Doe (English-American and Blackfoot Native), who instilled within her profound appreciation for the supreme power of loving touch, healing arts, and world family. Visit her website for a video, full bio, and photos or find her on Facebook!

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