Products You Need to Build the Perfect Natural Makeup Collection

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Makeup is a fun and empowering way for millions of people around the world. It’s an empire that sells an endless stream of products every day, making tons of money for the companies that partner with supermarkets and convenience stores.

In order to make the biggest profit, makeup companies often make products with synthetic chemicals. Even those these chemicals are declared safe for consumers, many people choose to build an all-natural makeup collection instead.

Once you’ve found your favorite chemical-free makeup products, you’ll need tools to complete your makeup kit. Read about these products you need to build the perfect natural makeup collection, so you have everything you need to complete your daily glam without compromising on unnatural purchases.

Reliable Cosmetic Wedges

Some features of your makeup should be noticeable, but not all of them. When you wear red lipstick or blend the perfect eyeshadow shades to match your outfit, it’s nice to receive compliments on your makeup skills. It’s not so nice when someone points out how they can see the edge of your foundation along your jawline or uneven application across your cheeks.

That’s why cosmetic wedges are so popular with the beauty community. They seamlessly blend your foundation to make your skin appear naturally flawless. The problem is that many of the wedges are made with latex and other chemicals that aren’t naturally sourced.

For those who need to stock up on their wedges, check out all-natural alternatives like compressed sea sponges. Most can be reused after a thorough wash for long-lasting use, saving you money and reducing the number of chemicals in your makeup kit.

Natural Powder Brush

Powder makeup is used to create a natural texture on your skin after applying a liquid foundation, but it can also be applied wrong. Some sponges that come with powdered foundations are tough and apply too much foundation in one area without smearing it around.

Instead of struggling to evenly apply powder with a sponge, use a natural powder brush that’s eco-friendly and made with vegan materials. You won’t invite any chemicals into your home and you also won’t fund companies who test their products on animals.

Soft Hand Towel

When you’re done with your makeup for the day, you’ll need to blot your face dry after removing your makeup and washing your face. Using the wrong towel can lead to skin damage when rough towel fibers brush against your newly cleaned face.

Find a hand towel that’s soft and features microfibers. They’ll gentle dry your skin without tearing apart tiny abrasions already in the epidermis. After you’re done, properly clean your towel to remove any excess makeup and keep your facial oils from staining the fabric.

Chemical-Free Brush Cleaner

Don’t forget about caring for your brush collection! You use them every day, but do you clean them as often? Brush cleaning products are easy to find, but it’s a struggle to follow through with cleaning your brushes when the products are made with chemicals.

Give yourself time to find organic brush cleaners made by companies focused on using only natural ingredients and eco-friendly business practices. The world of cleaned beauty brushes is within reach with a little research.

Keep a Lookout

The beauty industry is catching onto the needs of its consumers. Most businesses know people want all-natural beauty products, but their efforts often stop after they put out a line of organic lipsticks and contour kits.

Don’t let what you see at the store discourage you from building your all-natural makeup collection. Find supplies like sponges, towels, and cleaners from beauty companies with your same concerns. After you bring your purchases home, remember to take care of them through cleaning regimens so your all-natural beauty routine takes care of you like it takes care of the earth.

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