Natural Cosmetics: Monave Sheer Lip Glaze and Lip Gloss

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If there’s one natural beauty product that I’m addicted to even more than natural lip balm, it’s natural lip gloss. I own several shades of lip glosses and organize them according to color family (pinks, neutrals, reds and browns); a large part of my bathroom is dedicated solely to lip glosses.

But I won’t lie to you–my lip glosses aren’t sorted by toxicity level, and if they were, I’d have only a handful that I’d feel comfortable using every day. That’s a scary thought when you read statistics that suggest women ingest up to 10 pounds of lip product in their lifetimes (ew!) and some of those conventional products contain up to 3.06 part per million (ppm) of lead. Every time I read that statistic, I cringe, because I wonder how many top-dollar toxic concoctions I own. I’m slowly weeding them out and replacing them with better-quality, natural cosmetics.

Luckily, I’ve stumbled upon yet another fabulous natural cosmetics company that makes long-lasting, beautiful natural lip glazes and natural lip glosses that have excellent color payoff and affordable pricing. Monave, which specializes in mineral makeup, produces one of my newest, favorite natural lip glosses to date. I wear Monave’s Candy Apple Glaze #503 for a warm, pinkish-red tone that complements my natural lip color (I store it in my “neutrals” drawer because it’s so similar to my natural lip color–just with a color kick and some shine!). If you have an olive complexion similar to mine, you will also look great in Liquid Gloss #170 Allure (a bronzy glow);  Liquid Gloss #169 Divine (a smoldering violet); and Liquid Gloss #152 Mauvelous (a matte mauve).

Try all of Monave’s natural cosmetics. Photo Courtesy Monave.

I love that Monave lists all ingredients on its natural lip gloss tubes; Candy Apple Glaze #503 contains castor oil, jojoba oil, carnuba wax, mica iron oxides (for shimmer) and vitamin E–talk about moisturizing! Monave natural lip glazes are vegan, meaning they are made without animal byproducts (beeswax and carmine). I will always feel comfortable wearing Monave natural lip glazes and lip glosses, and since I’ve acquired these four new shades, I’ve recycled their conventional counterparts.

Monave natural lip glosses and lip glazes cost $13 to $13.50, but Naturally Beautiful blog readers get a special discount–15 percent off your entire purchase! Monave president Deborah Bilezikian wants to help you make an affordable transition to natural cosmetics: You can use discount code NATH10 on web orders or phone orders, and you can use the code as many times as you want…time to stock up! What will you get with your special discount? Tell me in the comments section what you’re going to try from Monave.

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