Natural Baby Products: Johnson’s Launches Natural Line

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With attention to an increasing percentage of mothers searching for natural baby products, conventional baby product powerhouse company Johnson’s launches the Johnson’s Natural line to reach out to health- and eco-conscious moms who are concerned about products that touch baby’s delicate skin and affect the environment.

Johnson’s Natural baby products range from $4.59 for 9 ounces to $6.49 for 18 ounces. Photo Courtesy Johnson’s Natural.

The core products in the line include Johnson’s Natural Head-to-Toe Baby Wash, Johnson’s Natural Baby Shampoo and Johnson’s Natural Baby Lotion. Each product in the Johnson’s Natural line contains naturally derived ingredients from coconut, palm, palm cottonseed, soybean and sugarcane. Johnson’s commits to sourcing sustainable palm oil for its products.

While Johnson’s Natural products do not have third-party certification (such as USDA Organic or Natural Products Association), the company says that no natural baby care-specific certification system exists to meet the special skin care needs of delicate baby skin. Johnson’s says it accepts zero allergic reactions, regardless of sample size of the test group, when screening its products and abides by company standards when formulating new products.

Johnson’s Natural products lists its ingredients on its packaging. Each ingredient used in the Johnson’s Natural line received a toxicity rating of 3 from or less from the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Cosmetic Safety Database, except for “fragrance,” the catch-all phrase for trace amounts of synthetic and/or undisclosed ingredients, which scored an 8. The Environmental Working Group considers ingredients with ratings 0-2 “low hazard,” 3-6 “moderate hazard” and 7-10 “high hazard.” Johnson’s is working to educate concerned moms about what “fragrance” means in relation to Johnson’s Natural products. Look for more information soon about fragrance in Johnson’s Natural products on the Johnson’s website.

Check back this week and next week for in-depth reviews of each product in the Johnson’s Natural core line as well as the Johnson’s Natural kids line.

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