8 Festive Ways to Use Herbs in Your Holiday Decor

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Christmas wreath of rosemary on a beautiful brown background, with berries, cones, currants, twigs and leaves around. made by hands. Picture for Christmas decoration

Do you hate the cookie-cutter holiday designs found in every store? Maybe you want to go green and kick consumerism to the curb. You can do both with these easy ways to use herbs to spruce up your holiday decor.

1. Hang a Fragrant Mobile

If you want to spice up your kitchen, why not design an herb mobile that will smell nice and add a festive flair? To start, you need a large metal hoop, twine and your chosen herbs. Some of the most aromatic options include basil, lavender and catmint.

Bunch your herbs at the stems and tie them together with twine. Then, knot your sprigs to the metal ring. Repeat this process until you have as much greenery are you desire. You’ll also need to fasten together four pieces of twine to hang your creation.

2. Piece Together a Wreath

A fresh herb wreath will make a welcome addition to your front door this holiday season. Before you start, head to your local craft store and purchase a wreath frame and floral wire. You’ll also need to collect your favorite herbs.

For that full, leafy look, try rosemary, thyme, oregano and sage. You can also add a pop of color with bee balm, Thai basil and chamomile. Use floral wire to tie the herbs to the frame. After you have a base of green, start sticking in sprigs of color.

3. Design New Votives

To make the perfect seasonal decoration, all you need is bay leaves, clear votives and white ribbon. Attach the leaves to the votives with an adhesive that dries clear, like hot glue.

Arrange all of the bay leaves going in the same direction or try a unique pattern. Once the glue is dry, and the leaves are stuck in place, add a white ribbon for a touch of elegance. Now all you have to do is put a candle inside and light it.

4. Trim the Tree

When it comes to decorating the tree, you don’t have to stick with traditional Christmas ornaments. Instead, choose a theme with nonconventional decor. For example, you can use mini pinecone and acorn garland for a rustic style. You can also add sprigs of flowering herbs instead of glass balls.

To stick with the green and red theme of Christmas, try pineapple sage, silver thyme and yarrow. If you want to create a winter wonderland, go with garlic chives, white-leaved savory and anise.

5. Wrap the Silverware

Don’t have napkin rings? No worries! With these DIY wraps, your silverware won’t go anywhere. All you need is sprigs of your favorite herbs, like thyme, fennel and lavender, and some leather cord.

Roll your silverware into a cloth napkin, preferably an earth tone like cream or hazelnut. Place your herb of choice on top, then wrap it in the cord. If you’re planning a rustic Christmas tree, this decor will fit the theme nicely.

6. Create a Centerpiece

How will you decorate the table for your holiday dinner? Ditch the tired poinsettias and try something new. Tie sprigs of herbs with twine and place them in clear jars. You can also keep the plants potted and add a colorful bow to the outside.

If you feel like getting creative, try your hand at a centerpiece-votive combo. To start, you’ll need a large decorative bowl. Place the votive in the middle, then fill in the extra space with floral foam. Next, stick in your desired herbs. Try something leafy, like mint and rosemary.

7. Fill Decorative Jars

As a kid, do you remember filling jars with different colored sand? You could mix-and-match and design your own creations. This idea is similar, except, instead of sand, you use dried herbs.

Collect some stylish apothecary jars along with the seasonings of your choice. Some favorites include cayenne, dill weed and poppy seeds. After pouring in one selection, shake the jar lightly to create an even layer. Repeat this process for each additional herb.

8. Make Homemade Candles

Handcrafted candles filled with aromatic herbs can make an excellent addition to your holiday decor. Plus, they make lovely gifts. The process is similar to making a typical candle, with a jar, wax and wick required.

Before you start, place your wick on the bottom of the container. Next, melt your wax and mix in any desired colors and fragrances. Carefully pour the hot liquid into the jar, then sink in your chosen sprigs. Use a clothespin to keep the wick above the surface until the wax dries.

Try Using Herbs in Your Holiday Decor This Year

Ditch the tinsel and mistletoe. This year, make your Christmas green with festive herb decor. From a fragrant wreath to homemade candles, it’s easy to adorn your home for the holidays without heading to the store.

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