Herbal Spa: Spa Samadhi in New Mexico

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Kris Wetherbee
Tune into the restorative powers of Spa Samadhi, a tranquil oasis in the high desert.

“Complete bliss” describes the Spa Samadhi at Sunrise Springs Resort Spa in New Mexico. Located just minutes from the Santa Fe Plaza, the 70-acre compound features all of the amenities of a resort. But the setting goes far beyond the usual: Spa Samadhi is a willow- and aspen-cloaked oasis of spring-fed ponds and biodynamic gardens surrounded by high desert. Housed in one of the Southwest’s original, natural adobe buildings, the spa opens to a patio filled with fragrant lavender, bergamot, lemon balm and clary sage. The spa menu offers timeless and unique treatments that feature herbs from the resort’s organic gardens along with wild-harvested herbs and indigenous plants.

The Samadhi Signature Massage sounds tempting–a blissful interplay of Swedish massage with various Eastern and Western healing therapies. Looking to experience something both herbal and different, I begin instead with a 50-minute session of Sound Healing with Ohm Tuning Forks. Relaxation occurs not by massage, but rather by way of two tuning forks used to calm and restore tissue, muscle, bones and blood flow. My skepticism quietly melts away along with any tension as the tuning forks are placed at specific acupressure points on my body. The vibrations feel like waves of restorative energy that penetrate down to the core of my being.

The High Desert Body Polish provides an invigorating finish to detoxify and exfoliate my skin with a stimulating blend of local ingredients that include Zuni salts, organic blue corn meal, lavender essential oil and lavender leaf. Capping off with an unforgettable Japanese Tea Ceremony offered in an authentic Japanese Tea House, my day proves to be an engaging balance of nature and nurture.

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