Herbal Acne Remedies: Green Tea Herbal Astringent

<p>Witch hazel (<em>Hamamelis virginiana</em>) is an inexpensive and excellent gentle astringent for oily skin. Green tea adds additional astringent and antioxidant properties; comfrey (<em>Symphytum officinale</em>) helps heal blemishes; and peppermint (<em>Mentha ×piperita</em>) and thyme fight bacteria.</p>
<li>1 cup distilled witch hazel extract</li>
<li>1 teaspoon dried green tea leaves</li>
<li>1 teaspoon dried comfrey leaves</li>
<li>1 teaspoon dried peppermint leaves</li>
<li>1 teaspoon dried thyme leaves</li>
<li>Combine witch hazel extract and herbs in a glass jar. Stir well and cover with a tight-fitting lid. Place in a warm, dark place and allow the mixture to steep for one week. Gently shake every day to agitate the herbs in the liquid. Strain herbs from liquid, and pour into a clean bottle.</li>
<li>To use, soak a cotton ball in the herbal astringent and wipe gently over your face after cleansing or whenever you could use a quick refresher.</li>
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<em>Laurel Vukovic writes and teaches about herbs from her home in southern Oregon. She is the author of</em> 1,001 Natural Remedies <em>(DK, 2003) and</em> Herbal Healing Secrets for Women (<em>Prentice Hall, 2000).</em>
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