Exfoliating + Coffee Body Scrub Recipe

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Exfoliation is a vital part of a skin care routine that is often overlooked. When we experience dry skin, all the moisturizer in the world won’t help if you’re applying it to the flaky, dead skin. Exfoliating on a regular basis helps to slough off the dry, dead skin on the surface and get to the new skin underneath.

Use exfoliators as a treatment, one to two times per week to help keep your skin looking fresh and bright. Exfoliators like finely ground oatmeal are gentle enough to be used daily. Making exfoliators lets you get a highly customized product. Even when choosing luxury ingredients, they cost a fraction of what you would pay for them in the store and they are much better for your skin.

Creating an exfoliation product can be as simple as mixing a little sugar and olive oil together, or a combination of exfoliators, nourishing oils, and essential oils. They are one of my favorite products to make at home!

Many facial scrubs available online and in drugstores rely on endless chemicals to get their results, which can irritate the skin. The purpose of exfoliation is to have beautiful, healthy skin. You should choose exfoliants that are gentle on the delicate areas of your face.

This Coffee Body Scrub uses a combination of exfoliants, nourishing oils, and optional essential oils for a luxurious inexpensive body scrub!

Download your copy here.

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