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Nothing is easier to make than an uplifting bath out of your favorite herbal blends: dried peppermint leaves, lavender flowers, rosemary leaves and bay leaves.

Nothing is easier to make than an uplifting bath tea out of your favorite herbal blends. A tub tea blend also makes a wonderful gift for your friends placed in a pretty jar and tied up with a big bow. MAKES 2 OUNCES

• 1 tablespoon dried peppermint leaves
• 1 tablespoon dried lavender flowers
• 1 tablespoon dried rosemary leaves
• 1 teaspoon crushed bay leaves

1. Mix together the dried herbs and place in a clean container.

2. To use: Fill a large tea ball or muslin tea bag with herbal mixture. You can also tie up the herbs in a square of cotton fabric or cheese cloth. Hang under the bath spout as you fill your tub. Gently squeeze the tea mixture and allow to float in the tub. Relax in the fragrant tub tea for 15 to 20 minutes. Discard or compost your herbs after bathing.

Janice Cox is the co-author of EcoBeauty (Ten Speed Press, 2009).

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